Georgia;s Own Foundation


Georgia’s Own Foundation, Inc. is the charitable arm of Georgia’s Own Credit Union and grants funds to nonprofit organizations that operate programs that meet our community involvement objectives.

The Foundation welcomes unsolicited Grant Proposals to fund conforming programs that generate desired outcomes. Also, from time to time, the Foundation itself may identify programs in which it desires to invest due to the outcomes the program achieves. It does so by reviewing past grantees, conducting research on effective programs within its Giving Focuses, and through referrals. In such cases it will solicit a proposal.

Please review our Grantmaking Guidelines for details on submitting a Letter of Inquiry. The Foundation reserves the right to modify its standard processes for small grants in the Discretionary area.

Grant Size

In recent years, Georgia’s Own Credit Union has made at least 50 grants annually, averaging over $1,000 each for established grantees. Grant sizes are typically in the range of $200 – $5,000, though larger grants have been made through special fundraising events such as a golf tournament.

The Foundation Directors intend to follow this general pattern, and desire to make grants that “make a difference” within a supported program. However, the first grant to a new organization may be smaller than subsequent grants.

Giving Focuses

At least 85% of the Foundation’s grants are made to two areas:

  • Children, Youth, & Young Adults
  • Education (with an emphasis on financial literacy)

Each year a small amount may be allocated outside these areas to “Discretionary.” This category enables the Foundation to respond to unplanned opportunities and test new giving categories.


Interested in applying for a grant?

Please carefully review the Grantmaking Guidelines here before submitting a Grant Application.

If applying for a grant over $5,000, please submit a Letter of Inquiry to receive an invitation to apply.Small Grant Application

Large Grant Application


Other Grant Documents

Small Grant Report
End of Grant/Semi-annual Progress Report